To use competitive sales coupled with our core values to support our research interests with the aim to become a certified global technology integration company.

KH5 Technologies is a technology sourcing, development and integration company whose mission is to provide high-end technology solutions to its customers. The solutions range from precision metrology equipment to heavy industrial machinery. In addition to this, the company also provides consultancy services in tribology, metrology, contact and non-contact mechanics, materials testing, rapid prototyping and related.

Our experienced team of scientists, engineers and technicians, with extensive and hands-on research experience provide cutting-edge solutions to your technology needs. Our flexibility in providing customer oriented solutions, customer relationship management, and diversity in research interests gives us the ability to quickly adapt to the growing market needs. We believe every customer is unique and hence has his own approach to address a problem. Thus, we ensure that every customer is provided with a tailored solution geared towards their specific requirement.

Our close ties with academic and industrial researchers ensures that our R&D potential is beyond the scope of an ordinary trading and distribution company in Pakistan. We ensure our team undergoes continuous learning to keep them abreast of modern-day knowledge of our specialist areas. This helps us in continuously tailoring our integrated solutions towards the best-practice scenarios of the world.

KH5 Technologies Head Office is located in Karachi, the metropolis hub and the largest trading city of Pakistan. Our facility is equipped with a warehouse and a laboratory for R&D and maintenance activities. The company is also represented in UAE through a small-agency based office that caters to local sales/service queries.